Welcome Fellow Allies and Foes,

Thank you for reviewing and forwarding our series of counter proposals.

'Driving Range Proposals'

JBark Proposals provide more land,
position the golf range closer to the golf course,
are less expensive, and spare all currently existing park assets;
Bobolink Trail, tennis courts, soccer/baseball field and Jackson Bark.

Basketball Courts in 'JBark Proposal 2'

The basketball courts can easily and cheaply be moved to the tennis courts.
The conversion only requires a repaint of 4 courts and an install of 8 hoops.
Ballers would gain an additional two courts plus lights.
The remaining 4 tennis courts, will sufficiently meet current demand.

note: both basketball aerial screenshots are of the same scale

Star in 'JBark Proposal 3'

The star would be the clubhouse, the launching pads would be lined up along LSD and there would be enough of a buffer zone between the range and Hayes to insure that no "foul balls" could be hit into traffic on Hayes or LSD.

Moved assets in 'JBark Proposal 3'

Soccer/baseball field will move to the current golf range location (white outlined area).

Best Proposal of them All ?

With all things considered, our vote goes to Proposal 3, for all the obvious reasons mentioned above.

Many thanks to our allies, near and far, for your continued support... and thank you to our esteemed neighbors for taking these proposals into consideration.

Pawsitively Yours,
Jackson Bark